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Child Custody, Parenting Plan Determinations, Time-Sharing, and Geographic Relocation

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Frequently, we address the emotional issues surrounding your children such as: 
Your Parenting Plan,  shared versus sole parental responsibility, child custody or time-sharing, child support, and relocation of the child's residency.  We have extensive experience in cases of contested custody / time-sharing, and we ensure that our clients’ opinions on the best interests of their child(ren) are heard.  We ensure that our clients are thoroughly prepared and educated on the most important elements for each issue and that independent, neutral substantiation, when available, is provided to strengthen your positions.

We resolve these issues, both on a temporary basis during the litigation, and on an ongoing basis for the period after the divorce.  The Firm has relationships with highly experienced, highly respected custody evaluators and parenting coordinators to assist you in bringing about a parenting plan in the best interests of your children, while minimizing damage to your co-parenting relationship.


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