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Dissolution of Marriage

Providing Skilled Advocacy in Complex Dissolutions (Divorces)

We take pride in handling complex, high asset, substantial income cases dealing with alimony and equitable distribution of your property including issues of co-mingled non-marital property or disproportionate distribution when 50/50 is simply not fair.

When necessary, we associate highly reputable financial experts to value closely held companies, determine tax issues, or assist with structured settlements.  At times, forensic experts are called in to locate assets or income sources.

We offer clients advice based on many years of attending or conducting mediations, hearings, trials and frequent and regular research on cases interpreting the statutory law relevant to your issues.  We take the time necessary to educate our clients on the legal issues and the facts in your favor as well as those that may present obstacles to the relief you are seeking.  Complex, high-value dissolutions often present difficult, time-consuming scenarios for all those involved but we have found that clients who are fully informed will feel far more in control of their case and be better able to assist in providing facts to support their goals. These dissolutions often present more complicated property division problems.  A sophisticated financial analysis often requires reliable valuation of a wide variety of assets:

  • Closely held businesses
  • Family businesses, partnerships, limited liability companies
  • Professional practices
  • Securities
  • Significant real estate holdings
  • Pension and retirement funds
  • Trusts; and
  • Tax issues
The assistance of specialized appraisers, valuation experts, forensic accountants, investigators, child custody evaluators and other experts may be required, and we work with these and other types of experts as needed.  We seek to protect our clients' financial interests and to uncover all the information needed.  Only when all this information is available can well-informed decision making take place. 

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